Meet Marla

Hey, there! I’m Marla Stanley, a passionate and opinionated wife and mother who is committed to helping people get serious results in body, mind, and spirit transformation. I’m also a huge personal development nerd and over-achiever. #truthmoment This means I have a STACK of books that I am reading right now. 🙂

As a Biblical Counselor and Health Coach, I help people develop a strategy for change, solve problems, and strive for the transformed life they are longing for!

I am passionate about serving women women who are ready to immediately improve their health by coaching them to find real solutions for their problems based in the Biblical truth of who they are in Christ.

Marla Stanley is the founder of HeartCore Health,

offering Biblical Counseling & Faith-based Health Coaching.

Biblical Counseling

Marla is an ACBC Certified Biblical Counselor offering 1-1 BIblical Counseling Sessions and Intensive Programs, through these, she is helping women tackle the problems and trials they are facing with Biblical solutions.

Health Coaching

Marla is a Team Beachbody Coach who loves working out at home with world-class fitness programs, using practical nutrition and their superior nutrition supplements while helping others who want to completely transform their health from the inside out find similar success!

My passion is to help you transition from living defeated and with little energy to fueling your life with real nutrition, simple fitness, and spiritual growth. We have an exceptional community of people connecting and encouraging one another over in our private group: HeartCore Insiders. I would love to see you in there-come join us and start your transformation today!

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